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designlux was born in Wicklow, Ireland, a county which is privileged with being surrounded by the sea, the mountains, forests and woodlands and home to many of Ireland’s national parks. Known as the garden of Ireland and located directly south of Dublin, Wicklow has the benefit of both worlds, its inhabitants can enjoy and have an appreciation of its stunning countryside whilst also being within commuter distance of the capital city and its transport & export links.

By being based in these beautiful surroundings it is hard not to have an appreciation of our environment, which in turn encourages us to strive towards our sustainable goals, through careful product sourcing, packaging solutions and end of life considerations to ensure that our products can be part of the circular economy by one day being recycled or repurposed. 

Quality & Continuous Improvement are at the core of our business model, we offer market leading products which are manufactured to the highest level using only superior components.

Materials and component selection is primarily chosen with end of life considerations begin at the forefront of our decision making process.



designlux Sustainability Statement

At designlux we are committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. 

Environmental Responsibility:

Reduce our environmental footprint by minimizing waste, conserving resources, and promoting energy efficiency.
Strive to use renewable energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our operations.
Implement sustainable practices throughout our supply chain and product lifecycle.

Social Responsibility:

Foster a diverse and inclusive workplace that values equality, respects human rights, and supports fair labour practices.
Engage with local communities, supporting social initiatives and giving back through philanthropic efforts.

Innovation and Sustainability:

Encourage innovation that prioritizes sustainability, including the development of eco-friendly products and services.
Invest in research and development to find innovative solutions to global sustainability challenges.

Transparency and Accountability:

Provide transparent reporting on our sustainability efforts, including environmental and social impacts, progress, and goals.
Hold ourselves accountable for our commitments, continuously striving for improvement.

Education and Advocacy:

Educate our employees, customers, and stakeholders about the importance of sustainability and the role we all play in creating a more sustainable future.
Advocate for policies and practices that support global sustainability and environmental protection.

Long-Term Vision:

We understand that sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we are dedicated to making a lasting, positive impact for future generations.

designlux is proud to take an active role in addressing the world’s sustainability challenges, and we are determined to lead by example.

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Quality & Sustainability are at the core of our business.

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